Mike Kalombo – Exhale


Living the Life at Kobe Camp pt 3

Living the Life at Kobe Camp pt 2

Living The Life at Kobe Camp


Diddy Dirty Money ft Usher “Looking for Love”

Jay-Z – Never Chasing Pavement (REMIX) ft. Kanye West & Adele

There is no denying the precision of Jay-Z, neither the cultural fame of Kanye West nor the critical thinking coordination of Adele’s vocal ability on “Never Chasing Pavement.” The Urban Noize remix is a thoughtful elevation that represents the “ritual” of their individual abilities to provide vital illumination to the world of music & “not out of fear but love for the game.” Although, the remix is unofficial it conveys the message of their significance with respect to their structured form that encourages other artists to strive to be the best.

“Never Chasing Pavement” builds anticipation & hope that one day there will be a track that is dedicated to the honor of their lyrical & artistic integrity. Changing the landscape of “Chasing Pavements” by Adele, Urban Noize does an amazing job of drastically blending & highlighting the complexity of each artist respectfully with simplicity.

Urban Noize is responsible for this incredible mashup featuring Jay-Z, Adele & Kanye West.

Game – Red Nation (VIDEO) ft. Lil Wayne

“Throw your m****f**** Cincinnati hats in the sky” & “don’t ask why” just do it if you represent the “Red Nation” like the Game & Lil Wayne. Now, “blood the f*** out” in honor of “Los Angeles the home of scandalous,” which is also the home of Game. Considering the Game labels Los Angeles as appalling then it should come as no surprise that the video for “Red Nation” was banned from MTV & BET.

The video for “Red Nation” is an interpretation of a raging war that is acted out by the bloodhounds Lil Wayne & Game as they display that they are not afraid to “leave blood on the ground.” They may not be able to tell you “what’s good but they can tell you what’s what” as they throw “blood in the air.”

Cool & Dre produced “Red Nation,” which will be featured on The R.E.D. Album. Parris directed the video for “Red Nation.”

Through The Telephone Ft. D. Milano

My Naked heart by Jay LaVita